Exploratory Expedition Itinerary

In the era of global communication, advanced technology and high-speed travel, pockets of humanity who have had no contact with the outside world remain. We will navigate blank areas to search for tribes that have had limited or no contact with Westerners. This trek is for seasoned adventures with an interest in true exploration.

According to anthropologists, the best place with the highest probability to make this kind of contact is Papua. There are unexplored areas in the rain forest which harbor trulystone age tribes; people who have experienced very little from our modern world.

This trek is not just another adventure travel tour, but an Exploratory Expedition.
We will navigate one of the most beautiful and pristine rainforests in the world; areas without roads or airfields. This is where the challenges and treasures of nature are best experienced. This is also the place to meet remote, tribal people.

This expedition is different than any other tour or trek that we or anyone else can provide. We will be heading into areas previously unknown to Westerners; never visited by Westerners and where the native people have little or perhaps no knowledge of our existence at all. We know these tribes exist because we have connections with Papuans who have had brief encounters with them. We have had lots of experience in Papua with remote tribes and have already made several first contacts. We have spent over 20 years trekking around in various parts of Papua and have 18 years of experience guiding people into these remote areas.

In order to increase our success rate on this kind of expedition we have also studied the documentation of the missionary "progress" in the remote areas as well as topographical maps available for the exploratory activities of mineral companies that have established themselves in Papua. Most importantly, we have a firm grasp of the culture. We’re fluent in the Indonesian language to assist in translation of the numerous other languages we will encounter. We have excellent relationships with Papuans who regularly venture into the remote corners of the jungle searching for Gaharu wood, and to hunt for Cassowary birds, wild pigs and crocodiles.

Naturally there is an inherent element of risk and danger involved in an expedition like this but the reward for undertaking this type of challenge will be an experience you are not likely to forget. We suspect that is why you are interested in this kind of adventure rather than a safer and somewhat more predictable trek. Our guides and our local guides are excited about this expedition because of the degree of difficulty in finding tribes that have had no contact with Westerners. This is not the kind of expedition that can be made yearly. In fact it has been 6 years since our last Exploratory expedition.

Of all the tours that we offer, this is the most controversial. A common misconception is that this kind of expedition corrupts the native people or that it destroys their way of life. This couldn't be further from the truth. Be assured, we enter these areas with the utmost sensitivity to the land and to its inhabitants. We will behave no differently than any anthropologist would if he had the same contact with them. This standard of conduct has been confirmed and approved by one of the world’s leading anthropologists whose expertise is Papua. Forget any ideas about the white man leading the charge. Our team is made up of Papuans, who live in the area, know the land well and know many of the different tribes throughout the jungle. It is their land; they are inherently respectful and also curious just as we are to see something new and unique. They know the tribes and their culture better than anyone, including anthropologists. All decisions have to go through them.

We were the first company to offer this kind of expedition in Papua and the only one to seriously undertake this goal. Nevertheless, as with any expedition, success cannot be guaranteed. Our guides and our local guides feel comfortable enough in our combined experience that success is likely. If we didn’t believe so we wouldn't even think of offering a trip such as this.

Also you should know that there is a need to insure the secrecy of the Exploratory Expedition. The location will not be divulged until a deposit has been paid. We have often times been asked about and given information to people concerning trips to remote parts of Papua, only to have the information used by other adventure travel companies who would like to benefit from our greater experience in these areas. We realize it may seem strange that you would want to give a deposit without exactly knowing where you were going therefore you must trust in our experience regarding this matter.

The trekking on this expedition won't be easy. We will be traveling through areas without villages and we will be making camp sometimes in less than ideal spots. We are extremely confident in our own personal experience within Papua and that of our experienced and talented guides and porters and we are offering this kind of an expedition to only the hardiest of adventurers.

This Exploratory Expedition gets more inquiries than any other tour that we offer to Papua. Itrequires extreme sensitivity and thus the group will be limited to four people. From our experience and those of our guides we feel that we are more likely to make contact with a smaller group, as the indigenous people will be less likely to feel threatened.

This expedition will be 18 days and originate in Biak, Papua and then from there we will travel by airplane to the mainland of Papua. Keep in mind this won't be a cake walk. Be prepared for rain and plenty of mud. There is no other way or there would have already been Westerners to these locations. For the hardy adventurer you know how great the reward will be, as only this kind of expedition can deliver.


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