Travel Tips and What to Bring

When a client confirms a booking, a full, detailed list of what to bring and travel tips will be forwarded and this list will be tailored to the specific trek which has been booked. However, the following section can be used as a general guide.

Passport must be valid for at least six months
after your date of DEPARTURE from Indonesia.
Four additional passport photographs and two photocopies
of your passport
will be needed for the special permits
as soon as we arrive in West Papua.
Credit cards are rarely accepted in West Papua
so please plan appropriately.
Recommended inoculations (see your local travel clinic)
and malaria prophylaxis.

Recommended clothing list for West Papua
1 pair trail shoes
1 pair running shoes
1 pair sports sandals (eg Teva, Merrell, Nike)
5 pairs or more of synthetic blend socks
2 pairs of shorts (quick-dry synthetic material)
2 pairs of trousers (quick-dry synthetic material)
1 lightweight sweater, sweatshirt or fleece
5 short-sleeved t-shirts
1 long sleeved shirt (quick-dry synthetic material)
5 pairs lightweight underwear

A note about Footwear and Socks
Lightweight (synthetic/leather) trail shoes are the footwear of choice for West Papua. We recommend that you break in the shoes before the trip. Make sure that you can comfortably walk in them for up to eight hours. A synthetic trekking sock with extra padding on the balls and heels of the sock is generally recommended for West Papua. For higher altitudes and the associated low temperatures, we would recommend a synthetic/wool blend sock.

1 large backpack or waterproof duffel bag
1 day pack (for camera, water bottles)
sleeping bag (rated to 60 degrees)
Ziplock Bags
Nalgene water bottle (1 litre or more)  
with water purifier
Camera and film Sunglasses
Flashlight (torch) with extra batteries
Extra batteries for all equipment
Two bandanas
Broad-rimmed hat or baseball cap
Therma-rest ground pads and North Face tents are provided by Papua Adventures.

Medical & Personal Items
2 bottles insect repellent
Aspirin, Advil etc or your other preferred analgesic
Anti-diarrhoea medicine and re-hydration salts
General Antibiotic
Cold/Flu Medicine
Assorted Fabric Band-Aids
Anti-fungal cream
Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo); 
biodegradable if you can
Personal medications