Trikora Mountain (4750 meters): 100th Anniversary Climb

Thank you for your interest in a tour to Papua with us, Papua Adventures. New for this year we are offering a climbing expedition to Trikora Mountain. This will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the first ascent on February 21 1913. This mountain is the third highest,4750 meters(15,584 feet)in all of New Guinea. It is not snow covered year round like Carstensz Mountain (4884 meters), but does occasionally receive a blanket of snow on the summit.
When it was first climbed by the Dutch team of Henderschee, Hubrecht and Versteeg it was covered by an ice cap. This ice cap had melted by 1962. The ice cap reached as low as 4,400 meters(14,436 feet) when it was first climbed.

The scenery leading up to the climb and the view from the summit are fantastic. The vegetation ranges from mountain rain-forest, scrub beech trees, grassy swamp, tree ferns to pure rock on the summit. And the McGregor bird of paradise can be found in the area.

This expedition is not a technical mountain climb, with ropes and carbiners. But, it is a trekking mountain and we will hike up to the summit. It is not an easy trek and there are some difficult places on the mountain. The weather can be very wet, cold and cloudy. And the summit ridge line has steep drop offs. So, it helps to have some climbing experience, as we will have to scramble up some parts of the rock. But, it is still accessible by trekking.

Official regulations in Indonesia require a special permit to climb all mountains in Papua.
So a climbing/trekking permit must be issued by the police. We will secure this very expensive permit with the police. The price of the permit is included in the tour cost.

Upon our return to Wamena we will have a traditional Dani tribe pig feast
in Jiwika village in the Baliem Valley.

So, if you aren't a mountaineer, but still enjoy a "peak bagging" experience.
Then this is an ideal tour for you.


14 Days itinerary

Day 1
The tour will start in Jayapura, Papua. Check into the hotel.
Get the necessary climbing and travel permits before leaving to Wamena.

Day 2
Fly to Wamena in the morning and then check into the hotel.
Get food and supplies for the trek and climb of Trikora mountain.

Day 3
Chartered Toyoto Hard Top 4 wheel drive transportation from the edge of the Baliem Valley to Lake Habemma(3300 meters). Camp close to the lake and acclimatize on this first day.

Days 4,5
Trekking in the valley and make camp at Somalek cave on day 5.

Day 6
Trekking up through the difficult part of the trek to reach our Trikora basecamp.

Days 7,8
Follow the Trikora ridge line to the summit. This is also a difficult part of the trek with steep drop offs to the side. But we'll go slowly as safety is our top priority. Two days are scheduled here in case of bad weather. If good weather on the first day then we will proceed back down to the Somalek Cave.

Day 9
Trek back toward Lake Habemma. Make camp in the valley.

Day 10
Trek back to Lake Habemma and make camp there.

Day 11
Chartered Toyoto Hard Top 4 wheel drive transportation from Lake Habemma to Wamena.
Check into the hotel.

Day 12
Chartered transportation 20km to Jiwika village. The inevitable pig-feast on arrival is an engrossing 4-5 hour rite of passage into their unique culture. The setting is a simple, traditional, tribal compound; transformed by the color and intensity of the greased and painted Dani in full ceremonial regalia.

The elaborate festival is a deeply spiritual experience to witness. Chief Yali will warmly greet us; our adoptive father, legendary amongst the Dani for his kindness, generosity and skill at co-operation and diplomacy in the art of avoiding conflict. Meeting Chief Yali is a unique opportunity and you'll have a greater appreciation of this honor as you receive the full measure of Dani hospitality.

The traditional Dani tribal pig feast at Chief Yali's village is truly one of the highlights of the tour. The Dani people in Chief Yali's compound will stage a "mock battle", followed by ceremony at his family compound. They will have prepared a pig to be cooked in a traditional earth oven filled with stones that have been heated in an open fire. The hot stones are placed into a hole in the ground along with sweet potatoes and vegetables. More hot stones are placed on top and then the pig goes in on top of that. Finally, it's covered with grass and held in place with long rattan vines. An hour later it's opened and the feast begins.

Throughout the compound, all are dressed in traditional costume. The men wear koteka and the women dress in grass skirts. The men's faces are painted; beautiful headdresses made of exotic feathers adorn their heads. We are invited to enter the wives houses; the cooking house where each of Chief Yali's four wives have their own place for cooking. The highlight of the evening is a visit to the Honai (men's house). Chief Yali and rest of the men sing traditional songs, which are slowly translated as the narrative and the afternoon transpire.

Day 13
Fly in the morning to Jayapura, Papua. Check into hotel.

Day 14
Fly back to your original destination and the tour is concluded.

2 persons: $US 8000 per person
3 persons: $US 7000 per person
4 persons: $US 6000 per person
5-6 persons: $US 5500 per person

This tour price INCLUDES
Round trip airfare (Jayapura-Wamena)
Climbing permit for Trikora mountain
All meals and beverages on the trek
Travel permit
Guide fees and porters
Airport taxes

This tour price DOES NOT INCLUDE
Round trip airfare to Jayapura, Papua
Meals and beverages in Jayapura and Wamena
Travel insurance and personal health insurance